BIBI Introduction

leBIBI IV 16S Automated ProKaryotes Phylogenylogo LBBE

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NOW leBIBI DB mk45 (version Dec 2022) ! & in "Advanced mode" Proteins DB rpoB mk45 available

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Query Format

Format must be FASTA: >your_description
ATGCATGC... the nucleic sequence (16S, 23S will come soon)

OR #Genus_species:

for exemple #Methanothermus_sociabilis. Note that BLAST may not return all relevant sequences.

Complementary DB

The default DB Contains Type Material (RT or T flag) and Prototypes (P or p flag) sequences. These sequences are selected on their quality and representativity.
Prototype sequences are selected when no Type Material is available. P flag is the sign of a better level of representativity. The p flag corresponds to species name with few sequences available or many sequences with high variability.

You may ask to add a limited number of sequences, taken the complementary DB, in the highest interest zone of the phylogenetic tree. This is not mandatory. Note that this may impairs the quality of the phylogenetic reconstruction


Results will not be conserved for more than 8 hours, if needed please download your working directory