leBIBI IV SSU-rDNA (16S) Automated ProKaryotes Phylogeny


This Web-tool is devoted to the phylogenetic analysis of Archaea and Bacteria using nucleic acid sequences of SSUrDNA (16S).
The goal is to determine the phylogenetic relationships of an unknown prokaryote by submitting its DNA sequence to the automated phylogeny engine. The retained optimal stategy is a trade-off between the advantages of a large number of recruited sequences (to ensure the recruitement of all related sequences, the good diversity coverage, and finally the good quality of the phylogeny), the treatment speed and the ease in interpretation.

With this version you may also built the phylogeny of a species or genus by submitting its name to the automated phylogeny engine.

The Sequences Data Bases may also be queried by this way to extract the relevant sequences from a NCBI Blast call or from a query by name.

A more complete version (the Expert Phylogeny) is also available.


The global description of the solution (aka BIBI III) Flandrois, J. P., Perriere, G., & Gouy, M. (2015).
leBIBI QBPP: a set of databases and a webtool for automatic phylogenetic analysis of prokaryotic sequences.
BMC bioinformatics, 16(1), 1-12.

The current BIBI IV is not yet published. Please indicate this address: https://umr5558-proka.univ-lyon1.fr/lebibi/lebibi.cgi or https://umr5558-proka.univ-lyon1.fr/PKPhy/PKPhy.html



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